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In May 2019, the "Umění do Znojma" association opened GaP / Galerie a Prostor (Gallery and Space) in Znojmo, which has been active in the city since 2012. The main idea behind this cultural institution is to bring contemporary visual art to Znojmo, significantly contribute to the development of culture, and unite the city's residents in their shared interest in art.


GaP serves as an exhibition space, studio, alternative theater stage, debate and concert venue, cinema, café, and shared workspace. Our program is designed for everyone who considers culture and art an important part of life. We collaborate with various organizations in Znojmo as well as in other Czech and foreign cities (Slovakia, Austria).

We believe that through our activities, we can contribute to the expansion of contemporary art into smaller cities.


The architectural design of the space was created by the ORA architectural studio.



Všechny akce

Program vznikl za finanční podpory MKČR a SFK.


Regular educational activities are an important part of our initiatives. We work with children from the age of two and also provide programs for adults.

Our offerings include both one-time workshops and regular six-month courses.



Umění do Znojma (Art to Znojmo) is an independent non-profit organization. We primarily finance our cultural activism and all associated expenses through grants focused on the development of culture. However, we also greatly appreciate the assistance from our partners, sponsors, and donors.


Any support is welcome!


If you wish to become a culture donor, we offer several options



GaP is a representative, inspirational, and multifunctional space, making it suitable for various types of events such as lectures, family celebrations, or corporate meetings.


In addition to space rental, we also offer production and catering services, as well as the option to create a customized cultural program.

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