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The Art into Znojmo project emerged in the spring of 2012 from the need to integrate the town of Znojmo into the context of contemporary art. The basic idea was to bring current visual art to the city, significantly contribute to cultural development, capture the public's interest, and unite the inhabitants of this historic town in a collective interest in art. The desire to establish a contemporary art gallery and a space for public education in the field of culture in Znojmo has existed for much longer than the Art into Znojmo project itself. We are thrilled that we managed to move beyond the dreaming and planning phase to reach our desired goal and finally bring our visions to life. The space was designed by the architectural studio ORA.

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GaP Team


The Statue by Maxim Velčovský in Znojmo

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The Story of the Phone Booth

Creating a contemporary sculpture in Znojmo was one of the main goals that the Art into Znojmo project set for itself back in 2012. At that time, the location and timing were not determined. In 2017, during the first inspection of the building that now houses our gallery, we were immediately captivated by a phone booth that inappropriately stood in front of the main entrance. Not only did it obstruct the future gallery, but it also significantly hindered pedestrians and cyclists, worsened the visibility of the intersection, not to mention its dilapidated condition. Alongside the establishment of GaP, options for the phone booth were explored. Soon, the idea emerged to turn it into an artifact.

You can read more about it in this link.

Friends Club

Come join us in shaping the cultural life of Znojmo, don't hesitate to get involved and become a part of this story.

Being a member of the Friends Club means free entries, discounts on events and products in our design shop. But most importantly, it also means the satisfaction of becoming a part of a community that strives to bring art to this wonderful city.

GaP / Gallery and Spaces has been functioning as a cultural platform in Znojmo since 2019. Apart from exhibitions that are accessible for free, we organize theater performances, talk shows, workshops, day camps, art courses, residencies, and other cultural and educational events. Our spaces can be used as shared office rentals, we run a café and a design shop.


GaP doesn't narrowly focus on a specific artistic direction but aims to be close to you, providing a taste of various forms, genres, and creative processes. We are a group of enthusiasts who care deeply about the cultural life of our city, yet our plans cannot fully develop without the help of partners, sponsors, and the broader public.


Thank you.


If you appreciate our activities and have the means and desire to support us throughout the year, you can do so by setting up a recurring payment.

Opting for this support option will grant you a membership card, a 10% discount on purchases at GaPshop, and a 10% discount on all our events.


One-time Support

Are you interested in art and would like to support our activities while also participating in our cultural program?

By providing one-time support, you will receive a ticket to the event of your choice and a welcome drink


Discounted Admission

Discounted admission for students and seniors.

For theater, concerts, or any other event with an ISIC card. Students presenting a valid ISIC card can enjoy a 20 % discount on all events. The same discount on events is also applicable to all seniors aged 65 and older. A valid ID card is required.



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An art café with a design shop, an art library, and a levitating window offers not only coffee, homemade and regional delicacies, breakfast, but also quality wines and mixed drinks.

Additionally, the café is an art supporter – all of its profits contribute to gallery operations and co-finance cultural events.


Contact for the café: +420 605 288 985

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