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Patrik Kriššák: Earth without us 12/1 – 28/2 2024

At GaPu, Patrik Kriššák will present paintings from his latest and biggest series called Extinction, in which he deals with the topic of climate change and related ecological problems. For that reason, he chooses underwater corals as the main subject of his paintings, which he perceives as indicators of the dangerous warming of the planet. Kriššák is inspired by the beauty of coral reefs and paints them in bright colors. In doing so, he experiments with form, looks for new ways to use the painting medium – he does not use brushes, he developed his own technique of applying paint to the canvas directly from the bottle. In this way, cylindrical, branched, elongated shapes resembling the calcareous shells of corals are created. He then washes them off, scrapes them off, or applies colored glitter to them. He does not try to be descriptive, he concentrates more on the painting itself and its textures, he also accepts an element of chance in his work.

Patrik Kriššák began to deal intensively with the topic during the long lockdowns, when he got the impression that people focused exclusively on themselves and their own patronage, the topic of nature protection suddenly became secondary. The idea of the disappearance of the human population or even the end of the world fascinates Kriššák, he wants to accentuate it, at the same time he does not mentor, he is not an activist, he only paints what he empathetically perceives, what he may be afraid of and what he would like us to perceive as well.

Curator: Andrea Krejčí


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